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“Since There Is No Single Set Of Abilities Running Throughout Human Nature,
There Is No Single Curriculum Which All Should Undergo. Rather,
The Schools Should Teach Everything That Anyone Is Interested In Learning.”
                                                                                                                                           -John Dewey(1859-1952)




                                                                           “Since There Is No Single Set Of Abilities Running Throughout Human Nature,
                                                                     There Is No Single Curriculum Which All Should Undergo. Rather,
                                                                                               The Schools Should Teach Everything That Anyone Is Interested In Learning.” -John Dewey(1859-1952)


About Succential

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The President/CEO: Michael Marlowe is a man of all trades within the supplemental education community. Michael spent the better part of 16 years with Kaplan before moving on to Huntington Learning Centers and then on to founding Math and English Consulting (MEC), now Succential. Michael merged his company with iTutor in November 2017 and has since spun back out on his own. Michael is a writer with few peers. He has written materials for all graduate-level examinations, high school examinations, and high-stakes test examinations at all elementary levels.


Michael’s thirty-plus-year career has spanned the realms of teaching, writing, marketing, managing, and leading at local, state, and national levels. Michael started his career at Kaplan by handing out tapes in the tape library and finished 16 years later as the product director for their institutional sales division. At Huntington Learning Centers, Michael re-created their entire SAT program and re-built their SAT division. Finally, in January of 2000, Michael started his own SAT/ACT and College Consulting business. Mr. Marlowe has always advocated innovative approaches and equity in supplemental education. Since 2000, Michael has authored multiple test preparation books and conducted a variety of workshops on how to prepare for standardized examinations. Michael is an expert in creating in-school, duplicative programs, that foster capacity and growth in scores and learning.


In 2002, Michael finished up a two-year commitment to Stamford High School to teach mathematics at the high school level and to establish in-school SAT programs. Michael was also hired as a consultant to the Stamford School District and conducted district-wide classes for students that produced significant score increases, across all economic and ethnic groups, after 5 consecutive years of decline.


Succential has an extensive track record of partnering with other nonprofit organizations, building SAT scores, and leveling the educational playing field. The major focus of Michael’s SAT and College Consulting Company was to provide services to the under-served high school populations to raise opportunities for college success. To this end, he has formed partnerships with many groups to provide services to these populations. Michael serves on the advisory board of a 501(c)3 company, Youth Education through Sports (YES, Inc.) that provides SAT programs to NCAA Division I eligible students throughout New York City and has had a 25-plus year relationship with them. Michael has also worked with Communities in Schools New York (CIS-NY), a program that delivers SAT programs to students who would otherwise not be able to afford one. In addition, he works with Horizons, a group that services youth throughout Fairfield County. The Succential courses are built on a continuum that takes low achieving students and high achieving students and simultaneously builds their scores. These courses have long track records of success with diverse populations in raising scores.


A second focus of Succential has been to create courses that are able to cater to the lower-achieving students; geared to raising their scores to the median and above. While all other courses give you one size fits all study, Succential is able to tailor its program to fit the students we teach and, in the time allotted for the course. Our courses can be designed to be delivered by teachers during class time as an elective, delivered after school, delivered on weekends, or even delivered as seminars. Succential is capable of providing all materials and training to make our courses low-cost, popular, and effective.


Mr. Marlowe continues to grow these programs and with his new focus on equity, the relaunch of the company as Succential, and his new courses to be released in the later fall, the company will continue to be the class of the industry.


How It Works

How It Works


We have every option, for every test, to help your students become successful and meet their full potential.

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Please see the pricing grid for basic pricing information and contact us to find exact rates, times, and scheduling for you.


Succential will work with your school, grant program, or club. We have programs that will fit your needs.



Before my tutoring sessions with Mr. Marlowe, I thought the SAT was really difficult and had advanced questions that took a lot of skill and prior knowledge to answer. However, once I was taught the tricks, they seemed far easier. Most of the questions, especially math (which I never felt good at) actually turned out to be really simple concepts once Mr. Marlowe helped me figure out what the test was asking. My practice and test scores went up significantly after working with MEC, and with the confidence that you gave me, it was only a matter of figuring out how the test was trying to trick me. The questions all became simpler, and the entire process much more doable for me, and that would be true for anyone.


Thank you Mr. Marlowe!


Juliann Bianco 2021

I received Michael Marlowe's SAT Prep assistance at a critical time at the end of my senior year with a pending DI scholarship at stake.  Within a few weeks, Michael Marlowe identified and unlocked my hidden learning challenge and provided me with patience, his approach, and his techniques to taking the SAT. As a result of Michael Marlowe's SAT Prep assistance, I successfully achieved the qualifying score needed to qualify for the NCAA DI Scholarship to attend St. Peter's College.


Thank you Michael Marlowe!


Matthew Mayer,

Monsignor Scanlan, 2019

Test Prep1:1 Tutoring

Starts at $150.00/hr.

Small Group Classes 4 : 1

Starts at $30.00/hr./person

Academic Course Tutoring 1:1

Starts at $80.00/hr.


Starts at $250.00/hr./group

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